Software, Strings & Things

Logic Pro X
This is the software I use to record all the lessons music as well as my own compositions

Guitar Tuna
This is the free tuner app I use in our lessons. Also has some good games which help with learning and memorising chord shapes

Guitar Pro
This is a tab/notation software I sometimes use

Jam Tracks
A useful app for playing along with backing tracks

Drum Beats +
A handy drum app for practice and songwriting

Voice Record
A voice recorder I often record lessons with

Slows down audio files for accurate transcriptions

A multi-track recorder app

D’addario Phospher Bronze
Acoustic strings

D’addario EXL 110BT
Electric guitar strings


My capo

Boss Micro Cube
My smaller, practice amp

Fender Blues Junior
My only slightly larger gigging amp

Apogee Mic
This is the microphone I usually use to record lessons and the online audio tracks